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    | Do Your Life and Your Art Fit? | Is your life congruent with who you want to grow to be creatively? Challenge: Can you learn something new, get more help, rework something, review your priorities, excise something, to bring your life into better alignment with your creative spirit?


    A law of composition: If it does not fit do not force it; it is not for it. ~ Jack Bartholomew


    ☼ r e s o u r c e s f o r a c r e a t I v e l i f e ☼ Keeping only what works | Artist, Romare Bearden




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    • This Film shows lives coming into alignment

    Enchanted April –Four women use their time away in a beautiful vacation villa to question how they’ve lived their lives and who they’ve lived their lives for.

    • These women learned how to align their lives with their calling to be a poet


    • 3 Questions to ask yourself to Bring your Life into Alignment


    1. What artist, writer, or performer do you most admire who is living a life in alignment with their spirit?
    2. If that person were sitting with you now, which area of your life would you tell them is most out of alignment with your creative spirit – work, home, relationships?
    3. What myth could you reframe that would bring you into synch with your creative life?


    • Commitment: Write down one promise you will live to be in alignment in the area you identified. Place it where you will see it daily.

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